The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest electronic event in the world and a testing ground for cutting-edge innovations.

The greatest brands in the world conduct business, meet new partners, and take the stage at this event. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® owns and produces CES, which showcases all facets of the IT industry. The Philippines Business Mission to CES 2023 is organized by Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation, Inc.

The objectives of the event are to gain information about the latest consumer products, technologies, innovations, and start-ups; trade and promotion; B2B and networking meetings, including a Philippine Business Forum; and participation in World Electronics Forum.

Government in other countries make significant investments in startups and MSMEs to encourage early-stage innovation for developing technologies and draw in private investors. The development of emerging technologies is significant in the perspective of the government.

Undersecretary for ICT Industry Development, lawyer Jocelle Batapa-Sigue represented Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in the CES 2023: Global Stage for Innovation in Las Vegas. She was also invited to participate and have speaking engagement in some programs of the event including the Philippine Business Forum, Leaders in Technology Dinner, World Electronic Forum, and Dynamico CES 2023 Networking.

On January 06, 2023, Friday, the DICT representative presented the ICT Industry Ecosystem if in the “Philippines Business Forum, Your Gateway to Southeast Asia”. The forum discussed how technology and innovation are shaping the businesses landscape in the Philippines, the emerging sectors, and opportunities for partnerships as the Philippines strengthen its digital infrastructure.

On the last day, she was able to join was a networking event with powerful women in tech. She also met Tifanny Moore from CTA Women in Tech, Helen Milby, the founder of Global Women Innovation Network (GlobalWIN 2009), and personalities including the CEOs from Amazon, Microsoft, and others. Jocelle happily informed Helen about the formation of DIWA or the Digital Innovation for Women Advancement in the Philippines and expressed how she was looking forward to collaborations.

She also attended the first Live Women in Tech at CES 2023 with Stephanie Dismore of HP and Karyn Schoenbart of Dou Partners. Karyn encouraged women to get rid of the Imposter’s Syndrome (thinking that you are not good enough) and Jocelle’s shares these three tips from Karyn:

  1. Start a fun file about your accomplishments and read them especially when you are down
  2. Find people who believe in you and not only believe in you but push you out of your comfort zone
  3. Don’t just focus on your weaknesses, discover tour strenghts. Make your strength your superpower. Be really good at what you are good at
First Live Women in Tech at CES 2023 with Stephanie Dismore of HP and Karyn Schoenbart of Dou Partners
CES 2023: Great seats for C- Space: The Challenges in the Metaverse Session
Florian Tursky, Digitalization Minister of Austria shares how Austria invest in digital skilling embedded in education from kindergarten up so there is no gap at CES 2023 Eureka Hall
Featuring speakers from Norway, Mauritius, Austria, Lithuania — Governments of other countries heavily invest in startup and MSMEs to encourage early stage innovation for emerging technogies and also in order to attract private investors. Governments see it important to support the growth of emerging technologies. The challenge for government is how to create and enabling environment for emerging tech. LIVE from CES
Amazed by insights of Garry Jacobs, the President and CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science; chairman of the board and CEO of the World University Consortium, American writer, social thinker, researcher and consultant on the topics of business management, economic and social development, and global governance.
“We need to change the way we think about education – our current educational prepare students to be narrowly technical but not understanding the world around them. We need to change our educational strategies to prepare our people not only to live on the future but to solve problems. To adopt. We need visionary leaders. By we, this means all of us not just big countries.”

Great dialogue at Las Vegas with members of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Nevada, Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce and Diversity Chamber of Commerce of Nevada about ICT industry investments

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