Dancing Coleus: An Inspirational Art

Growing coleus has become an enjoyable hobby for most stay-at-home Filipino women (and men) these days because of the ease of growing these species of perrenial or annual herbs or shrubs (sometimes succulents) found in tropical countries. It is an indoor plant that likes to have some sunshine during the day, but not too much;Continue reading “Dancing Coleus: An Inspirational Art”


By Jocelle Batapa-Sigue Submitted for the Design Thinking For Innovation Course University of Virginia Darden School of Business July 8, 2019 CHALLENGE:  Information and communications technology (ICT) have transformed economies all over the world. As early as the seventies, the Philippines business ecosystems road the wave of opportunities that came with the ICT. Government paveContinue reading “MULTI-STAKEHOLDER APPROACH TO CREATING DIGITAL JOBS”

The Pandemic Dialogues Scene 1

SCENE 1: The Awakening One day, in a faraway Kingdom of Pandemonia in the Land of Idiots – there was a great pandemic which needed a massive quarantine of all people. King Moron assembled his leaders. Leader 1: Let’s wait for orders. We cannot act without orders. Leader 2: Let’s alarm people. They need toContinue reading “The Pandemic Dialogues Scene 1”

Designs for Bacolod

“Show your work because you will never know who will like it.” I recently learned this from a young Bacolodnon designer whose works are sought after by big brands.  Indeed, it’s time I highlight my designs. The things I have created as part of my different roles. In most of my projects, I have alwaysContinue reading “Designs for Bacolod”