Run for Filipinos. Do not Run for your Parties.

I am praying for a Transformation Bloc – every new leader with strong following and show sincerity in their actions like Isko, Leni, PacMan, and the rest who have new value propositions: come together and forget yourselves first and build a Transformation Agenda under which every Filipino can support you collectively. Here are my initialContinue reading “Run for Filipinos. Do not Run for your Parties.”

The Need for Data Literacy

Disruptive Mode Published in Sunstar on September 2, 2021 The power of big data, data science and data analytics propel businesses and governments around the world today to develop clear and effective solutions and strategies to meet targets, address customer or citizen’s needs, and generate more significant results. The challenge is how to find expertsContinue reading “The Need for Data Literacy”

Courage and Competence

Disruptive Mode Published in Sunstar on August 13, 2021 In his book, Choosing Courage, Professor Jim Detert says, there are a host of qualities that effective leaders should model if they want to influence others and deliver truly positive outcomes. But chief among these is the willingness and ability to act courageously — with competence.Continue reading “Courage and Competence”


Written below is an excerpt from the historical account written by Antonio Pigafetta about the Battle of Mactan, Philippines on April 26 and 27, 1521. Source: The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley Friday, the 26th of April, Zula, who was one of the principal men orContinue reading “THE BATTLE OF MACTAN 500 YEARS AGO”

Good Citizens Deserve Good Government

Published in Disruptive Mode on Sunstar on February 4, 2020. We deserve the kind of government we have, says a wide adage. Hence, a citizenry that allows corruption to thrive deserves the poor service and substandard programs it receives from its government. Last week, I shared the salient features of RA 11032, a new lawContinue reading “Good Citizens Deserve Good Government”

Fearless Innovation Forecasts for 2020

Published in SunStar Bacolod on January 15, 2020 Last week, I shared my four of my new year’s resolution and a list of ten paradigm shifts that I am hoping to see happen soon if we are to successfully survive this decade as a city, and hopefully as a country. This week, I am sharingContinue reading “Fearless Innovation Forecasts for 2020”


Note: I found this piece in my computer files today. It looked like an unfinished speech in 2019. Let me share it anyway to preserve it. As I enter one of the most crucial challenges in my life to day – running for the mayor of the City of Bacolod – I face another importantContinue reading “THE JOCELLE BATAPA-SIGUE LEADERSHIP”

Are you asking the right questions?

DISRUPTIVE MODE (October 9, 2019) SUNSTAR BACOLOD Creating a conducive location that is ripe for information and communications technology (ICT) – enabled jobs and investments is never easy.  For over a decade, I have been immersed in countless meetings with investors and stakeholders in more than 50 provinces around the country. I have practically beenContinue reading “Are you asking the right questions?”