Pandemic Dialogues Scene 2

In a faraway kingdom of Pandemonia in the Land of the Idiots, King Moron was left to think on his own. The following is his monologue.

I Know.

I know now I should have started these things before the pandemic

I know now that shortening the time to do things is more efficient and cost-effective than doing it in for a longer period even if it means there is a add-on cost to that efficiency

I know now that many things can still be achieved, and achieved better, even when I get rid of manual or face to face system

I know now that many objectives and deadlines can still be met even on a zero physical contact basis

I know now that investment in improving my digital skills at least the basic level like operating a computer or mobile gadget) will eventually pay off and eventually become a matter of survival

I know now that investing in building intermediate and advanced digital skills could mean finding me a job of higher value and even of greater value when my manual job or my business is destroyed by the pandemic

I know now that I should have gradually installed digital transformation in my company, even just for simple payroll and personnel management, virtual conferences and digital marketing

I know now that as a government leader, I should have a long time ago installed digital innovation to ensure ease of doing business and zero contact prolicy and created a data base to ensure updated and proper profiling

I know now that aside from simply importing medicine and giving lip service to healthcare, we could have invested in manufacturing of medicines and research laboratories, and in health sciences to create vaccines and treatments

I know now that as a school, a hospital or an institution many of our services can be migrated to virtual format so we can still serve our core vision and mission

I know now that industries need to innovate and apply technology to increase production or yield like agriculture and manufacturing

I know now that accurate and real time data can help make sound policy decisions instead of guesswork and impulse

I know now that innovation can bridge communities, people and families in a timely manner, and the world come become smaller because we can share our ideas, aspirations and culture with everyone

I know what innovation means now. Its simply thinking out of the box to look for ways to do things faster, and more efficient because time is precious.

Sadly I know it only now that time became equivalent to life. The life threatened by waste of days to deliver healthcare, amelioration, real-time information.

I only know now that innovation can save lives.

But when I heard about innovation before – I thought of it as –
– an additional expense
– simply just a fad
– something we need to fear because we don’t know about
– something only tech-savvy people know about
– nothing of value that we need to learn about
– a burden to my comfort zone
– something that will simply make me vulnerable to the public
– of no consequence in my present because the future will take care of itself
– something a naive politician will say instead of simply buying our votes
– something voters won’t understand so I would rather give doleouts

The list of my reasons are long. Because I don’t know.

After this pandemic is over, there is a tendency I will not know again. I know.

Then King Moron retired to his chambers to rest. Another day is over in the Kindgdom of Pandemonia.

Disclaimer: All characters in this book are fictional and not real. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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