Lessons At 45

(Lessons you will not usually know until you’re “fortyish” and had enough)

  1. It is better to be disliked for being genuine than to be liked for being fake.
  2. Let your work speak for itself, but when others destroy your work for the wrong reasons, speak.
  3. You cannot push yourself up by pulling other people down.
  4. Talk less work more. Or if you talk more, word harder.
  5. Appreciate other people but never flatter anyone when you don’t mean it. Between hollow flattery and honest evaluation, the latter usually fosters more understanding.
  6. People will tend to judge you according to what they hear from others, so always expect errors in translation.
  7. It is better to be alone than to be part of a mob composed of people pretending to have independent minds.
  8. Leadership is never measured by age. It is measured by how much percentage your words are compared to your actions.
  9. Collaboration is just a word for people who don’t see the value of other’s works aside from their own.
  10. Life is just too beautiful to spend with people who hate you. Spend it with people who want to make their life count in the same way you do.
  11. It is hard to sell ideas, but it is harder to sell ideas we don’t personally believe in.
  12. In a ship, one single loose nail can cause a lot of damage. And if you are the hull, you will feel the biggest pain from the damage, but you have to keep sailing, until the boat finally sinks.
  13. Perspectives and attitude may depend on which generation you belong, but values will depend on how you wish to see yourself, your life and the world around you. That’s why there will always be organisations of people working together despite the variety of ages.
  14. Do not ask the wrong question when you want the right answer.
  15. Egotism is self-respect pushed beyond the limit of your own value. Misplaced humility is self-respect lying cold in the morgue.
  16. Sad reality is many leaders start as sparkplugs but eventually end up as screwdrivers.
  17. The most dangerous poison one can drink is comparing yourself with others.
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