Lessons I learned from my Coleos

It takes a lot of patience to care for plants, just like for people. But if you love doing it, then you will enjoy every minute. In life, when our work and our responsibilities become part of our passion and mission, they become bearable, and at best, they breathe more life to what would seemingly be a daily routine. We need to find that kind of work or we need to re-focus our lenses and look deeper into the things that we are doing to appreciate them more.  

If you overwater coleos, the leaves will rot. Just like people, when you excessively shower them with affection, they might grow weak and incapable.  Too much of something is not good just as too little. Moderate amount is always ideal. Yes, maybe we would say that there can be not toto much love or affection that one can give or receive. If you expose them out in the sun for long hours, they will wilt. Just like people, when you demand to much out of them, they may drain out eventually.    

They need shade and air. Just like people, they need to feel protected but they also need to breathe and have freedom.   They cannot grow as much as they like when the pots become small for more roots so you need to re-pot or transfer to the ground. Just like people, we need a bigger space for growth when we mature. If we remain where we are, we will not grow.    

You need to pinch or prune the top parts every now and then. Just like people, we need to let go of some parts of ourselves in order to continuously grow.  We need to accept that there we have traits that do not contribute to or hinder our own growth. Letting them go or correcting them could be the best path to take if we are to grow, just like coleos.  

Each leaf is unique even if they grow from the same plant. Just like people, no one is exactly alike even when we come from the same family or circle. Everyone is unique but we can all grow in harmony.  Diversity makes our ecosystem as human beings more meaningful and colorful, just like plants.  

When you take cuttings from a mother plant, the new plant sometimes grew differently in some ways. Just like people, we don’t all grow to be exactly like our parents. When we take roots, we can grow well into something different.  We all grow into the person we choose to become and although our roots have something to do with how we grow, there are many factors that affect our fate as individuals.    

Coleos, like all plants, need to be rooted in healthy soil. That is why plant enthusiasts invest in good potting mixes – soil which are healthy and full of nutrients so plants can grow beautifully. Just like how we humans need a place to grow and develop so we can reach our full potential. Sadly, we oftentimes have no choice as to where we will grow. We can only struggle to succeed despite our environment.    

They only stay beautiful for a period of time to our eyes’ delight but not for a long time or forever. There will be a time when they grow mature and wilt and you need to cut them or to let them go and replace them with new ones. Just like in life, there is always a time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die. So we must cherish the time when we are in full bloom. 

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