Designs for Bacolod

“Show your work because you will never know who will like it.” I recently learned this from a young Bacolodnon designer whose works are sought after by big brands.  Indeed, it’s time I highlight my designs. The things I have created as part of my different roles.

In most of my projects, I have always used my own designs. During my last two years as City Councilor for Bacolod, from 2014 to 2016, I chaired the Committee on Tourism and enjoyed producing materials for Bacolod. Here are some of them.

Bacolod MICE on White

This was my version, using young artist Daryl Jimenea’s rendition of the Bacolod Masskara. Eventually he improved the MICE pictures for me as shown below.

mice logo lets meet

When we hosted APEC meetings, I was assigned to head the Tours and Souvenirs Committee and was advised by DOT to create a story for the free tour and the give-ways. This was the story I presented for the “tour” for executive delegates. We needed to factor in the time-frame of the tour.


We also had to prepare “paid tours” and I designed a Bacolod “baggage”.  Along with a presentation featuring the different prices of our tour packages made by our travel and tours organizations in Bacolod.

tours brochure P1 V1tours2 pic

For the souvenirs, I created the story entitled “Tam-is”. Here is the story-line. We needed to factor in the requirements of DOT as to what types of souvenirs can be given to international delegates. We were also working on a very limited budget.


In all these designs, I develop the concept in consultation with stakeholders. Then I also compose the words, the flow and the images. The pictures that are not mine, I ask permission for or otherwise get pictures from government sites.

I really enjoyed putting words and objects to animate my ideas. Work was difficult but it gave me a chance to create show my artistry and writing skill.


Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.



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