Laban Pilipinas

Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua, the painter of Laban Pilipinan is a nurse, a poet and syringe artist. She is a member of the Association fo Negros Artists (ANA) based in Bacolod City. Her recent artwork “Inang Bayan” showing three healthcare professionals operating on the Philippine Flag captured the hearts of netizens and her fellow artists.Continue reading “Laban Pilipinas”


To find the law, order or issuance that you need, please click on the logo of the agency or department below to see their respective issuances. International Guidelines from WHO and CDC Other Resource Documents related to COVID-19 IMPORTANT: Please look at other reference materials to fully ascertain that the laws and issuances are stillContinue reading “COVID-19 LAWS AND ISSUANCES”

The Pandemic Dialogues Scene 1

SCENE 1: The Awakening One day, in a faraway Kingdom of Pandemonia in the Land of Idiots – there was a great pandemic which needed a massive quarantine of all people. King Moron assembled his leaders. Leader 1: Let’s wait for orders. We cannot act without orders. Leader 2: Let’s alarm people. They need toContinue reading “The Pandemic Dialogues Scene 1”

Graffiti Art at Wynwood Walls

As Henry Matisse puts it – “creativity takes courage”. Only visionary leaders can see the direct correlation between art and economic development. Art has a powerful way of bringing community together by allowing open spaces to become spawning grounds for creativity and productivity. I will not forget what I saw in Miami in November ofContinue reading “Graffiti Art at Wynwood Walls”

Making Strides: A Global Gathering of Women Leaders

I had the wonderful opportunity as an Eisenhower Fellow to be invited in 2015 in a conference that gathered inspiring women leaders from around the globe. I was among the speakers at Making Strides: Global Networks Forum on Women’s Leadership held in Miami, Florida USA on November 17 to 19, 2015. In her letter, Diane Shoemaker,Continue reading “Making Strides: A Global Gathering of Women Leaders”

Corruption and Automation: An Anti-Thesis

Featured on January 29 and February 5, 2020 at Sunstar Bacolod Serious efforts to curb graft and corruption by reducing red tape in every city and municipality are being undertaken by the Anti-Red tape Authority (ARTA) created under the Republic Act No. 11032. These efforts, however, will come to naught without an equally serious commitmentContinue reading “Corruption and Automation: An Anti-Thesis”

10 Survival Tips in 2020

BE GRATEFUL BUT DO NOT EXPECT GRATITUDE FROM OTHERS. Human beings are naturally ungrateful because of pride. In your life, you will come across individuals who will reach out to you for their needs and concerns, but as they attain their goals, they will forget your efforts to help them. Live a life without expectingContinue reading “10 Survival Tips in 2020”