Finally, I found an apt visualization of the point I constantly wish to drive. This is my example of the obsolete mentality of the Philippine society which I have constantly suffered and that our country is constantly suffering from.

These objects in the picture are both gadget for storage. I bought the black drive six years ago more than 2,000 pesos. I bought the silver drive this week for 180 pesos. The silver drive is small, new, and cheap.

The black drive is big, old and expensive. That is the Philippine society – when a person is young, poor and small in terms of status – they don’t care. We are impressed by people who are old, with high status, credentials, or wealthy. That’s why in many circles, I need to strive to be heard, since I am not an big land owner and just a common tao. And I am normally the youngest in most settings. The old ones hate me for being outspoken so I have no choice but to keep quiet or to appear very aggressive.

Politics is worse. If you have lots of money, people worship you. If you are old, people think you are a genius because of age. A young person joining politics will be called ambitious. The old and well entrenched no matter how ineffective will be take n seriously unlike the new. That’s the Philippine society and politics.

Sadly just like these gadgets: The old, big, expensive black drive has one 1TB capacity. But the small, new and cheap silver drive has 2TB capacity. This is what I call a good buy. The small drive can hold twice as much files as the big drive. So happy!

In science, IQ is not what you know, it’s your ability to know regardless age. Sadly Filipinos are always shortchanged not because we are victims of circumstances but because we are victims of our mindset.

Today, let’s not be blinded by obsolete parameters in judging people. So we can allow for more productive collaboration. I love the silver drive, I also bought gold and bronze. With lots of freebies.

Thank you for reading up to here. I hope you are inspired to do more even when you are young. #Reflection

Posted on Facebook on November 18, 2021

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