The Positive Lessons You Can Teach Your Children From Bartering

JUNE 3, 2020

Bacolod Barter Community – The Positive Lessons You Can Teach Your Children From Bartering

Its always better to give than to receive. – Erma Calopez

Barter with kindness and not with the price of your items. – Bain Elemental

“One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” – Azrael Lopez

Not be Demanding for dealing – Cris Cristian

Be contented – Joy Decastro

Sharing to those who needed the most. – Oshiro Keiko

Give without expecting. – Bandiola Faith Grace

Barter is Spreading kindness. We are letting go some memorable things that we do not use. and for make them to be useful. share them to others who see that the thing will be useful for them..
– Rinkashikimo Kutemeikito Rinkamikishashikakiji

Nothing and no one is useless kay big or small may value gid na and a place in somebody’s heart. #barterwithKindnessandaPurpose – Angelie Angie

Sharing is caring. – Jenny Gumban

“God loves a cheerful giver.” Kung pwede lang ihatag, ihatag nalang sa ga kinanglan bisan wala baylo – MD TG

We are all rich and at the same time, we are all poor. – Iliana Esereth

My twins (6 years old) have learned more the art of sharing, patience and acceptance. Sharing because they get to share their unused stuff (clothes, toys, books) to those who need it; patience because they have to wait for the replies from the owners of the things they want to barter with; and acceptance because they deal with the rejections when our offers don’t get picked. Above all, it is the simple joy of giving and receiving without looking at its monetary value. It’s priceless to see the excitement and smiles on their faces, even just for a pack of Yakult or a bag of chips (much more when it is for a toy or a book!) Us adults could learn a lot from these kiddos! – Carol Ann DelaCruz-Historiador

Helping the world heal through kindness and compassion while being environmentally-friendly at the same time. – Blanche Denise Fernandez

Makontento kung anong bagay ang natatanggap mo. At tumulong ng walang hinihinging kapalit
– Apol Apol Apol

Joy, thankful& Happiness. – Thamiea Banguis Castanares

NO ITEMS ARE WASTED. Things not useful to you is useful to others…. and you develop more kindness and appreciate more the attitude of sharing and giving which is more important than taking. – November Amie Cascolan Vargas

Give and take with love and a cause and purpose. Be a blessing to others who are in need. – Teiluj Sarsis Galang

Just teach them the kindness if makita sng mga kids nga ga help ka without any expectations in return they will mark in their minds until they grew up and for sure they will do it also. – Lanie Gaitan Garcia

When you received something more than what you expect, pay it forward. – Anji Fort Port

It is in giving that we receive. Pay it forward. – Janz Tamba

A gift of value is more important than the price. – Emong Bepost

May mga bagay na may kaunting halaga sayo ngunit maaring magbigay ng lubos na kaligayahan sa iba. Importance of things depend on the person that values it. Learn to value and share
– Indiano Odeirrac

Sharing is caring especially to the needy.- Marilyn Caña Carampatana

Another person’s junk can be another person’s treasure. – Wu Jun Jiang

Giving smile to them, meet new friends, happiness by giving and contentment. – Miel Lorenzo Basanes

The values of sharing and generosity brings forth kindness, love and service beyond self while touching the lives of not even the ones in need but people of the community. – Emz Flores

Barter reveals the true value of goods based on needs of different people. And that is the very essence of things we should look at it based on our need. – Siong de la Cruz

It’s not about the price..just share wat u have. – Lara Clemente

It’s better to give than receive. – Myrel Cayao

Bartering has taught my children the value of sharing what you have without expecting the same value in return. – Jess Dia Libs

God blessed you to be a blessing. – Joanne U. Griffen

Our kids learn to choose a more sustainable and productive hobby because of their father’s hobby of herbs growing flow a lot of stuff and wonderful experiences for everything you sow, you shall reap! – Prezel Pacina- Ursal

Kindness to share our valuable things we cherish to person in need also. Happy seeing people smile trading stuffs. It is not d value or the price but the thought itself. – Andromeda Watson

It’s not so much about the things we acquire through bartering, but the beautiful story which has been built behind it. Things will soon outlive their monetary value, yet the experiences that embellished our hearts will bear fruit in our lives—becomes the values-pattern of the next generation.- Rodnel Ryan Mariefe Macaya

Giving the best without expecting too much in return. – Mary Michelle Montebon

That it’s ok to let go of the things that once matter to us.. same as letting go of hatred and failures. – Lybe Quillas Carlos

To value relationships. To respect people regardless of their looks or status in life. To never judge or belittle someone. – Alexander Walker

The idea of letting go something for someone’s better use and freely give more to someone other than self. – Judith Rosacena Mirasol

Money is not the basis of a true wealth, it is the value of every little things you have we shared and enjoyed.- Jo Lemz

Old but Gold. – Michael Toledano

Kindness, value small things. – Ceniza Cequina Garcia

Kindness and they will know or understand that there are things that are not important to them but to others it is their needs. Better to give than to receive. – Jeanne Dangco Erebaren

I don’t have a child yet but if ever, the greatest lesson I can teach my future children about bartering is that the things you may have but you do not need is a dream for someone to have. Sharing is a fulfillment in the heart that cannot be compared. – Ara Mae Quirante Garcero

Love tungod kun may ara ka gugma naga follow na lang na sa imo maayo nga binuhatan sa pareho mo nga tawo. – Sharon Fuentebella

Always be a little kinder than necessary. – Rubi Alvarez

Teaching my children the value of sharing. – May-ann Biocon Calosa Patricio

Sharing is caring. – Franz Arthur

Positivity.Happiness.TouchLives.TouchHearts.BeAGiver. – Rhonalyn Guerrero

The art of letting go. – Regina Gico -Derramas

Kindness, the art of letting go, it’s not the value but the act of sharing and seeing another person happy. – Z Ahnna Lee Tiapz

Understanding our basic need, and that sometimes it is okay to give than to receive. – Arvin Gee

The value of Kindness and generosity. The value of buying & keeping only what is essential because time will come you will have to let go of those that don’t matter anymore, to let go of what no longer matters to give way for new things to come!- Shella Pabon

To make someone or Family happy. – Eleulyn Durando Borenes

Love sharing and always thank you to God. – Albia Panes Jennifer

That material returns aren’t always the reason we barter but also to give what others need more than we do. – Joan Briones

Giving and sharing part of good works that can praise God through his goodness kag sa mga nahimo nya nga kaayo sa aton kabuhi” – Maria Mae Tacsagon Garbanzos

Always gid paminsaron mangin maalwan sa isig ka pareho. Kay sa diri nga kalibutan Wala man sang kwarta kag pigado indi na hadlang para maka bulig ka sa imo pareho. Kag permi gd paminsaron nga ang Ginoo gatamod sa aton Adlaw adlaw kung ano na himo mo nga maayo sa sini nga kalibutan paga bugayan ka sa langit sang subra subra. – Katrina Mercurio

Touch lives, be kind and the art of letting go. – Juaymay Rojo

The value of a thing is nothing than the happiness of someone giving and sharing is more  important than the quantity and quality of a thing .- Angelica Mana-ay Pactao

“It is in sharing that we receive.” – Jose Stanley B. Mendoza

Bartering can create friendship and showing care even if you didn’t know each other. – Regz Badilla

Your trash…my treasure. – Raquel Lecia Lacson-Torrento

Bartering is a generous way to feel the needy ones. helping one another to make the  relationship united even we did not know each other till we become close at heart.- Felma Templado

Lesson of desiring less. – Meddie Arbolado, Jr.

Barter is just like Marketing…a human activity to satisfy needs and wants through exchange processes, however, no money involve. It’s a unique marketing practice upheld by our very our own early maharlikans in origin before the colonization by the Spaniards in 1521. – Alto J. Torres

Be happy all the time. – Shoobing Rotsap

Letting go so someone can make use of it.- Monida Jp Estrella

Kindness and thoughtfulness. – Lito Gepaya

Happiness does not have a price. – Avril Elaine Gamboa – Sabio

May mga bagay nga kinanglan e let go. – Augustus Eustace Rex

Sharing. -Sarj Acilac

Keeping and taking care of kids things that we don’t know others would appreciate even to the least value can be of help to others. Sharing is all that matters. -Yap Pang

Bartering so as to let go of the past with no regrets -Ate Peach

We can share our things with love and joy. – Erlinda Geroy Ymalay

Honesty and friendship. – Nicole Holm

It’s not the price of the items worth its how you make someone happy. Share kindness. – Chez S. Chi Gellecano

Needs (life and health) versus wants (expensive things). – Kiel Ziah

The barter system, the art of letting go, and the beauty of genuine kindness. – Lilianne Irene Yap

The practice of minimalism – to keep only things that spark joy. – Joyce Gonzaga-Solinap

The happiness of sharing without much expectation. “ better to give than to receive”. – Bambi Macaron Yudelmo

Barter with kindness. – Mab Asiain

Sincerity and caring to other people’s need. – Elisa Yap Casipe

My only child learned how to be persistent .He did not bothered to ask for new shoes but instead bartered his old things to have the shoes he wanted.- Sheryl Profeta Alinar

I will teach my little one that it’s not always about money. Attitude, Character is more important and money and blessing just comes along if you have the right character and skills.
Always be good to others, never judge anyone, because you never know what they are going through. And that you can never go wrong with kindness. Also, not every day you win but as long as you won’t give up on what you want, one day you will reach your goals and dreams.
And to have a generous heart to help others even if you are consider as one of the poorest of the poor. They is always something that you can offer to the world. – Cherzie Gales-Francisco

Honesty, integrity and compassion. – SnookAnn Tan

It’s better to give than to receive. – Yvonne Garrucho

That,s why, we have to spread kindness. Don’t value the items that we are bartering, instead it’s just like giving them for d benifit of our bbc group thru barter. – Angelo Torrecampo

Yong binibigyan mo ng halaga ang pangangailangan ng iba. – Jolly Lavado

That when you give, give wholeheartedly . -Zilla Rozzi Javier

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