By Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue

Founder, Global Barter Communities (May 17, 2020) and Bacolod Barter Community (May 8, 2020)




Section 1. The Global Barter Communities (GBC) envisions a world where kindness is without borders and humanity is define by the extend with which every race can help one another to survive the global impact of the pandemic and adapt to the “new normal”.  We stand in solidarity as different barter communities established by local stakeholders in common mission to promote barter as part of our way of life as Filipinos.

Section 2. We will strive to establish and redefine the traditional barter system as a new norm of helping one another and shall not in anyway promote commercialism and materialism but positive values such as generosity, determination, honesty, patience, integrity, gender sensitivity, equality and ecological awareness.  We commit to promote these values as the cornerstones of our respective barter communities.

Section 3. Barter is exchanging goods and services based on the mutual and voluntary decision of two persons. It is not selling, for the goods or services are not exchanged based on price but value. It is not also donating for the good are not given without anything in exchange. The price of the item or service is never equal but the happiness and feeling of satisfaction should be equal. We commit to encourage the members of our community to embrace these values.


Section 1. Barter communities which adopted the rules started by the Bacolod Barter Community on May 8, 2020 shall be accepted and recognized as affiliates of the Global Barter Communities. Our goal is to ensure the highest standard of character and reputation of all the founders in their respective areas. Interaction between all the communities and community founders shall be one of solidarity, honor, respect and mutual benefit.

Section 2. There is no fee or consideration to affiliate except the full commitment of the founders to devote time and talent to managing a healthy barter community. Any barter community that manifestly digresses from the values of the Global Barter Communities may be disaffiliated, subject to due process.

Section 3. No affiliate shall grant any recognition in behalf of the Global Barter Communities at will.


Section 1. The Bacolod Barter Community is a private group where our medium of exchange is items and/or services – No cash or any equivalent of cash shall be allowed to be requested or offered. Strictly no buying or selling in this group.

Section 2. Only members using their name and details and are willing to abide with group rules shall be admitted. Any member proven to be violating any rule shall be removed automatically.

Section 3. Post the item you want to exchange with anyone subject to approval of moderators. Each community shall enlist the help of professionals of good standing in the community as volunteers subject to a commitment not to disclose all data belonging to the community. Character references may be requested from volunteer moderators.

Section 4. The barter community shall only approve posts with the following conditions:

  1. Must have name or full description of item
  2. Must have reason of Barter
  3. Must be accompanied with decent pictures
  4. Must not contain price
  5. Must contain a generic description of the items they want in exchange

     Section 5. The following posts shall be declined automatically:

  1. Illegal, expired, indecent or defective items
  2. Posts which asks for cash or private message as mode of offer
  3. Posts that are for the purpose of selling or promoting products
  4. Dogs and cats, birds and fishes, wild animals and all animal subject to permits but not limited thereto, except livestock or animal for food and gaming
  5. All items subject to extraction or production permits such as gravel, charcoal and honey thereto depending on the ruling of local agencies in the area
  6. All drugs requiring prescription and similar items
  7. All items that require titles or paper before transfer can be made effective except for items of small value or under a mechanism to ensure existence of proper titles
  8. All items that are subject to company direct selling restrictions
  9. N95 or high-grade masks, airsoft, guns, weapons and indecent pictures that are flagged by FB community standards
  10. Vape and other items with pending prohibitory laws
  11. All posts without pictures and captions or with indecent pictures and captions
  12. All posts aimed at ridiculing or humiliating any member or individual or a sector
  13. All other posts asking for the above items in exchange for their bartered items
  14. All posts that does not indicate the requirements for in Rule 4 (Name or full description of item, Reason of Barter, Decent and true pictures, must not contain price and must contain a basic or general description of the items they want in exchange)
  15.  All other items that may be restricted by law and agencies in the future 

Section 6. Then other members can offer an item and you can choose which one you like from the ones offered. No member shall be allowed to send via private message his or her offer or shall offer cash. No one shall offer cash or force anyone to accept any offer. No indecent or vulgar offer is allowed. The Page shall not be liable for your own choice.

Section 7. The offers can go on in the thread until the one who posted selects from the thread by replying DEAL to the choice and restating the goods exchange. The Page shall not be responsible for your exchange. Everyone is assumed to have entered to the agreement with sound mind and freedom.

  1. Once the choice has been made the barter is now deemed completed. Both parties must agree by expressly stating DEAL. No one is allowed to steal any closed deal. No one is allowed to offer anything to take what is being offered in another thread.
  2. No one shall be forced to make a choice immediately. Anyone badgering a member to make a choice shall be removed. A member can also delete his post if he has not found any offers he want, unless he has already made a deal. However, a member who consistently post without choosing an offer, shall be subject for removal. Admin shall also exercise right to remove unresponsive posts after a minimum of 3 days since posting to give way to new posts.
  3. Members are encouraged to barter food, ingredients, edibles, beauty products or toiletries and other essentials. No harmful, unlawful, expired, indecent or unlicensed items please. Please report any post which are suspicious and unlawful or any misrepresentations.
  4. Then members may use delivery systems or other arrangements that you agree on mutually. Please keep numbers, delivery addresses and other personal information secure. Discuss delivery arrangements in private messages.
  5. Strictly no minors allowed. Each member shall be responsible and consenting adults dealing with one another in good faith. It is presumed that all the one bartering possess full ownership and right of disposal of the items being bartered.
  6. Once exchange is complete, please edit your post and indicate BARTER COMPLETED, Done, Completed or Closed. The member is advised to mute commenting on his post. The member can delete his post once exchange is made or even after deal is closed at your convenience. Admin reserves right to delete post after the consummation of barter.
  7. The Page will not be liable or responsible for transactions between parties in this page. No fees shall be collected for posting or participation in this page.
  8. All members shall support to help keep the group fun, dynamic, useful and inspiring in this time of pandemic.


Section 1.  The founder of the community is ideally the Administrator of the community. He or she should be of good moral character and good standing in the community and must have visible means of income or profession.

Section 2. The Moderators shall also be persons of good standing in the community, preferably a college graduate or a professional. Before a moderator is admitted, he or she must be requested to email the Administrator of his or her desire to do volunteer work without compensation, and must clearly state his or her commitment not to disclose, misuse or arrogate upon as his or her own any and all data that belongs to the group page. Any leak of information to personal data of all members shall be considered a breach that requires the removal of the moderator.

Section 3. The moderator shall submit at least two names and contact details of prominent individuals as character references.

Section 3. All Administrators and Moderators shall be motivated at all times by civic spirit or the “bayanihan spirit” and innovation in building and maintaining the community instead or business and personal interest so as not to affect the vision of the community.

Section 4. The Administrator shall manage the group in a spirit of collaboration and consensus and must seek to resolve all problems and conflicts in a positive way. The growth and development of the community shall be higher than individual differences.


Section 1. The barter community shall serve as a platform for people to come to “a meeting of the minds” to exchange goods and services. But it shall not interfere with transactions in the barter posts and will have no responsibility over the mutual decisions and arrangements of two consenting adult parties, except for the purpose of ensuring that the proper mechanics are followed. Towards this end, the Administrator shall regularly issue announcements, reminders, tips and advisory to keep the members informed. Lack of information may result to breakdown of compliance.

Section 2. The Administrator shall create platforms for members to easily report and suggest improvements as well help police the community. Here are some of the suggested grounds to report for purposes of blocking and removing a member:

1. Asked or demand cash in private message or during meetup
2. Deliver wrong, fake or insufficient item as agreed
3. Insulting a member or an item and exhibiting rude or indecent behavior on comments
4. Suddenly just cancelled completed deal for no valid reason
5. Misrepresented an item to be working but is actually defective
6. Spreading and commenting negative vibes in the threads about members and about the page
7. Demanding to be chosen and badgering member in PM to be chosen despite a close deal
8. Stealing an offer or offering something to a member who is offering in a post (suhot)

Section 3. The Administrator shall constantly create activities to help motivate the members and be virtually engaged, by documenting success stories, creating polls, developing daily challenges for members to participate in.


Section 1. The founders of a barter community shall continuously connect with various founders to exchange best practices and learn from one another. They must also keep abreast with laws and policies to improve their respective communities. Activities that allow various communities to collaborate are highly encouraged.

Section 2. The barter community may undertake programs to raise funds for the community or prizes and resoources for programs and activities but not for the monetary gain of any founder, unless the same is an authorized and recognized work related to the management of the community, subject to proper accounting procedures.


Section 1. This manual belongs to the Global Barter Communities and shall not be in anyway duplicated without proper authority, including any and all materials shared by members, unless authorized by creators.

Section 1 – This manual shall be adopted voluntarily by communities joining as affiliates of the Global Barter Community and shall not be in anyway forced upon. However, any community maybe disaffiliated for conducting its operations in contravention of the vision, mission and core value of the GBC.

May 17, 2020 Bacolod City, Philippines

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