Laban Pilipinas

Inang Bayan By Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua

Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua, the painter of Laban Pilipinan is a nurse, a poet and syringe artist. She is a member of the Association fo Negros Artists (ANA) based in Bacolod City. Her recent artwork “Inang Bayan” showing three healthcare professionals operating on the Philippine Flag captured the hearts of netizens and her fellow artists.

Kimberly, the syringe painter of Bacolod

Below is the caption and poem of Kimberly with the artowrk which she calls “Inang Bayan” on April 18, 2020 as posted by Joan Honoridez, founder of ANA.

Dear Juan,

In one surgery I am now undergoing.
I don’t know when it will end
but the pain will endure.

I’m sad ‘ the heart is broken.
My wish is to be saved and healthy.

Even if the process is bloody and dangerous,
so stay at home, avoid trouble.

Cooperate with your sibling so I can be healed.
They don’t sacrifice for the end, their family will be with them.

Engraving in history that we are unite.
To the beloved town, hope will break.
To Almighty let’s pray.
He has mercy, our prayer will be heard.

Mother Filipinas 🇵🇭

Art and words by: Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua
-painted using syringes and needles. 💉
#covid19art #lockdownart #associationofnegrosartists #bacolodartists #artph #bacolod #localartists #cityofsmiles

Here is Kimberly’s caption and poem in her FB wall as posted April 18, 2020.

I got inspired with the thoughts that popped into my mind yesterday
so I painted a syringe art and wrote a poem about her.
Our motherland is sick. She needs you to heal. She’s battling inside the operating room now.
Can we help her move to recovery room?
or help her transfer to the ward as soon as possible.
Spread the love. Spread the hope.
We heal as ONE.
One love, one nation.🇵🇭
In the name of God almighty, Inang Filipinas will be discharged soon.


syringe art by kimjoymm💉

Here are some more of her artworks using syringe.

Using Luminous Paint

Using powerful hashtags “Laban Pilipinas” along with #WeHealAsOne – 27-year old Kimberly’s works serve as inspiration to both young artists and frontliners in the midst of this pandemic.

We salute our thousands of health workers and frontliners now risking their lives in the fight against COVID19. We are praying for you!

Laban Pilipinas!!!

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