Believing in The Mission

Many times, all I needed was a single reason to continue the journey in the midst of a million reason to give up. I am always faced with a situation where the odds was a hundred to one. The most important factor is to find a truly important mission. Facing insurmountable odds has become a commonplaceContinue reading “Believing in The Mission”

ONE Bacolod: A New Brand of Leadership (Part 1)

Today November 30, I share to the world the collective vision of a city that aspires for change. I chose the call “ONE Bacolod” to symbolize that we have one city, and we all share one dream for our city – to make it the city we can all be truly proud of.  I haveContinue reading “ONE Bacolod: A New Brand of Leadership (Part 1)”

An Open Letter to My Fellow Bacolodnons

My running for mayor this May 2019 elections will probably  come as a suprise to most of you. Even my closest circle of friends were not aware of my sudden decision to return to the political scene of Bacolod again. But I have carefully and prayerfully considered all probable consequences amd challenges between coming forwardContinue reading “An Open Letter to My Fellow Bacolodnons”

Who is Jocelle Batapa – Sigue?

CURRICULUM VITAE OF ATTY. JOCELLE BATAPA-SIGUE ADVANCED LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE Cross-Functional and Cross-Industry and Sectoral Experience Highly qualified executive leader and manager with over 26 years of experience in leading teams, companies, institutions and large organizations with proven ability to achieve targets and deliverables according to the mission and strategies of these entities. PossessesContinue reading “Who is Jocelle Batapa – Sigue?”

The Bill of Rights: The Heart of the Nation

If Section 2 or the Declaration of Principles and State Policies is the Soul of a Nation – I consider Article 3 or the Bill of Rights – the heart of a nation. It is the part of the constitution which protect every citizen from the abuses of external parties including the government. It isContinue reading “The Bill of Rights: The Heart of the Nation”

Bacolod @ 80: Building Intelligent Data Towards An Intelligent City

Intelligent cities are founded on intelligent data. And definitely so is a nation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 goes beyond automation, which already occurred in the Third Industrial Revolution. But much ado is given to automation when the real spirit of this era is data. Data are fed to machines to make themContinue reading “Bacolod @ 80: Building Intelligent Data Towards An Intelligent City”

2014 ICT Contributor of the Year

An Executive Summary of ATTY. JOCELLE BATAPA-SIGUE as 2014 Philippines ICT Individual Contributor of the Year given by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and the IT Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue provided leadership, direction and motivation to Bacolod City and Negros Occidental to become one of top destinations forContinue reading “2014 ICT Contributor of the Year”