Three Filipina Achievers in Rural Education Honored

March 31, 2023, Dusit Thani Hotel

Multinational Foundation, Inc. (MFI) in partnership with TOWNS Foundation, Inc. successfully concluded the first-ever Filipina Achievers in Rural Education Award (FLORA) ceremony on March 31, 2023. The award recognized and celebrated the extraordinary contributions of Filipina teachers in rural areas, who have made exceptional efforts to develop and implement educational innovations amidst the challenges and disruptions caused by the Covid-19 crisis. For its pioneer year, FLORA only covered fourth to sixth class local governments in Luzon.

The FLORA Awards 2022 is given in memory of Erlinda K. Ilusorio, mother of Ramon K. Ilusorio, Founder of MIB Capital Corporation, benefactor of Multinational Foundation, Inc. and a staunch advocate of countryside development and rural education. For its pioneer year, FLORA only covered fourth to sixth class local governments in Luzon.

This year, three exceptional Filipina teachers, Ednalyn Fajardo of Candaba, Pampanga, Michelle Rubio of Gubat, Sorsogon, and Judith Sagayo, Tabuk City, Kalinga were honored with the FLORA Award for their outstanding contributions to rural education. These teachers have made a significant impact on the lives of their students and communities, and their dedication to providing quality education in challenging circumstances is an inspiration to us all.

MFI and TOWNS Foundation, Inc. are proud to honor these outstanding women and celebrate their remarkable achievements. The FLORA Award serves as a testament to the commitment of both organizations to support countryside development and rural education in the Philippines.

The evaluation criteria comprise several categories, namely,  educational innovation (35%) that demonstrate creativity, relevance, responsiveness, resourcefulness, and adaptability in developing materials for teaching and learning; and effectiveness and learner impact (35%) or the use of learning materials and teaching approaches effective for target learners, and have the potential for sustainability, replicability, scalability of innovations, mobilization, utilization, and management of resources, excellence in implementation, attainment of the goals of innovative practices, and empowerment of learners.

Personal and professional integrity (15%) or being role models to Filipino women, embodying the ideals of a caring mother, a dutiful daughter, a loyal friend, a responsible co-worker, and a productive community member. Evaluators seek women educators who are law-abiding and responsible citizens, possess professional ethics, and have initiative and teacher agency.

Finally, contributions to the community (15%) or the consciousness of FLORA awardees that they are part of a larger community beyond themselves, their families, and their clan and that as women educators, they effect behavior changes in their communities, make an impact on their communities, and are recognized by peers/external community.

The FLORA logo, with a Philippine flower or “sampaguita” in her hair, represents the Filipina’s devotion to her native roots and her source of inspiration, as she leads her fellow Filipinos towards a better life. The royal blue color of the logo represents the color of MIB Capital Corporation and its philanthropic arm, Multinational Foundation, Inc.

For more information about the FLORA Award and the Multinational Foundation, Inc., please visit our website at

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