The Digital Governance Awards (DGA)

The Digital Governance Awards (DGA) is a much-anticipated annual event that recognizes local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines for their innovative and effective use of information and communications technology (ICT) to deliver public services to their constituents and business stakeholders. The awards are closely aligned with the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) mandate to promote and assist LGUs in developing specialized ICT-enabled investment areas that enhance key public services, promote local products, arts and culture, boost tourism, foster digital literacy, and facilitate talent development.

This month, the DGA was recognized among the Top 5 Champions of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) prizes for 2023 under Category 1, which highlights the role of governments and stakeholders in promoting the use of ICTs for development. This prestigious award coming for no less than the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) affirms the DGA’s significance as a catalyst for change and innovation in the country.

The DGA, organized by the ICT Industry Development Bureau (IIDB) in partnership with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), builds on the Excellence in Governance Awards through Information and Communications Technology or eGOV Awards for Local Governments, which NICP initiated from 2012 to 2018. The awards aim to establish benchmarks for LGUs across the country in harnessing the potential of ICT to improve public services.

The DGA seeks to draw attention to best practices in integrating ICT capabilities and solutions, enabling different sectors of society and government units to become catalysts of change. By highlighting these best practices, the DGA aims to encourage the proliferation of revolutionary ICT initiatives in the country, resulting in clearer, wider, and faster access to information and more efficient delivery of public services.

The DGA is part of the AGILE Program, which aims to promote LGU capabilities in terms of their ICT-related services and projects. The program also includes the DGA Compendium and the Digital Governance Conferences (DGC). The DGA Compendium is a collection of past DGA winners and serves as a tangible inspiration for innovative and transformative good governance. The DGC provides learning sessions and caravans for both national and regional levels, inspiring the integration of ICT-forward programs and services in LGUs.

LGUs across the country, including provinces, cities, and municipalities, are eligible to participate in the DGA, with a limit of one unique entry per category for a total of three entries. LGUs may join all three categories, provided the entries are distinct. The Regional DILG and DICT officers are available to advise and encourage LGUs on categorizing their entries and submitting them.

Through the AGILE Program, DICT, together with DILG and NICP, hopes to empower LGUs to enhance their services for their constituents continually. The awards also promote citizen’s responsibility and participation, as well as accountability, efficiency, and transparency in governance, encouraging innovation.

With this strategy, LGUs across the country have the opportunity to harness the potential of ICT to deliver public services more effectively and efficiently. The awards also serve as a platform for collaboration and sharing of best practices for member organizations of NICP, the recognized national organization of ICT Councils in the Philippines.

The DGA is a valuable platform that highlights and encourages the effective and efficient utilization of ICT in the delivery of services and the performance of duties and responsibilities by LGUs. The awards promote innovation, inspire higher standards of governance, and create more inclusive, efficient, and productive communities. The DGA is an essential step towards building a digital nation that leverages the power of ICT to advance the welfare of all Filipinos.

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