A Glimpse of the Mayan Civilization

An experience of a lifetime. Sharing the ICT Council Model and best practices in the Philippines to bring jobs to the countryside and seeing some of the world’s oldest seat of civilization. In November 2017, I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the 1st Annual Convention of the Contact Center and BPOContinue reading “A Glimpse of the Mayan Civilization”

More Serious Global Risks Perceived After Pandemic

Full Text of the Global Risks Report 2021 The immediate human and economic cost of COVID-19 is severe, but this is just the beginning of more serious global risks as stated in the recently released 16th edition of Global Risks Report (GRR) by the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the WEF statement October last year,Continue reading “More Serious Global Risks Perceived After Pandemic”

Good Citizens Deserve Good Government

Published in Disruptive Mode on Sunstar on February 4, 2020. We deserve the kind of government we have, says a wide adage. Hence, a citizenry that allows corruption to thrive deserves the poor service and substandard programs it receives from its government. Last week, I shared the salient features of RA 11032, a new lawContinue reading “Good Citizens Deserve Good Government”

ICT Officer for Every LGU

To further boost local government’s capability for digital transformation in the so-called “new normal” and to complement the digitalization of government processes down to the local level, Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara is pushing for the institutionalization of an information and communications technology (ICT) office and officer with department head level. Angara recently introduced SenateContinue reading “ICT Officer for Every LGU”