The New Normal

HIGHEST OR MAXIMUM PUBLIC HEALTH STANDARDS and GRADUAL EASING of Enhanced Community Quarantine subject to strategic general conditions:


1. With strictest quarantine for all COVID-19 vulnerable sectors identified by global experts subject to valid exemptions (school, work or emergency) such as but not limited to –

– Minors or persons who are deemed minors because of physical or mental disabilities unless

– Senior citizens who are sickly, who are incapacitated to work or are fully dependent on immediate family

– People who are suffering from serious underlying conditions or are incapable of working

– Persons who have no reason at all to go out of their homes or loiter

2. Strict Imposition of Curfew of 8PM, except for people working in the healthcare sector, BPO sector, law enforcement and transport and similar industries

3. Strict imposition of 8am to 5pm standard office hours. 5PM to 8PM window period should be used for travelling to respective homes


. Strictest guidelines and certifications for workplace sanitation and physical distancing observed in all industries and institutions. Reduction of reporting personnel through Work From Home schemes.

5. Constant promotion of contactless transactions with local government units and government agencies in compliance with RA 11032

6. Promotion of effective and safe food supply chains to ensure access to safe and affordable food

7. Development of new or aligned industries to create jobs and opportunities. Upskilling and re-skilling of manpower for digital jobs


8. Dissemination of clear and specific hotlines per barangay for tele-consultation of COVID-19 symptoms subject to confidentiality (process to follow DOH protocol)

9. Preparation and certification of designated quarantine areas equivalent to at least 1 bed per 1000/pop.

10. Preparation and certification of 1 COVID-19 hospital bed for every 2000/population

11. Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly basic health check up for individuals reporting daily for work. Can be done remotely or digitally.

12. Continued increase hiring and training of public doctors and healthcare frontliners

13. Setup of public health checkpoints for all transport drivers, social workers and barangay healthcare workers for free constant check

14. Continuous mass testing for COVID-19, increase testing capacity and strengthen access protocols


5. Continuous prohibition of large crowds gathering and continuous creation of systems to prevent long queues. Emphasis pn physical distancing in public areas and aggressive support for safe schools so education can resume gradually.

16. Continuous wearing of mask for individuals required according to global standards

17. Systematic and well-monitored inter-LGU travels


18. Mapping of depressed areas in the LGUs for targetted civic activities sponsored by private sector

19. Establishment of sectoral roadmaps to specifically assist sectoral recovery

20. Public and private sector, and mass media to support and continuously spread awareness and understanding of COVID-19, ways to stop the spread and build strong immune system in all fora

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