Torta and Laswa

Reflection Posted on Facebook on April 20, 2019

Black Saturday Reflection. Today, I am happy to have shared “laswa” and “torta” with volunteer youth leaders. I took it as an opportunity to again send the message – let not anyone corrupt your young minds and focus on the goal of doing things to improve yourselves and help others. These days, I need to continously debrief young people especially with what is happening around.

It is sad to see the things that are happening. Everyday, friends message me to replace the posters in their houses because someone took it. Supporters message me their spaces are threatened to be closed by people in authority if they do not take down my posters. Even in front of owners of private properties, opponents take down my posters. Using power and threats.

Really, is this what we want to teach our young people – slash posters, destroy opponents using blogs, venerate wrong doings, spread lies, really?

The character assasination is unending. Everyday a troll, a blog, paid, and promoted – destroys my reputation, my character – portraying me as the vilest of all in this city.

The opponent destroy people around me, they destroy private lives. They create stories – obviously new stories that never were heard before. They dig every detail they can weave stories around to bring me down to the gutter with them. Using their ways. Their means. This is the kind politics that kill this city. My dream is to end this kind of politics. In the process, I may get “killed” but that it is the mission I have set out to do.

Everyday, my teams, no matter how small – we find a way to reach as many people – to tell them that we can choose our leaders based on the right metrics – that we can decide base on what we hope our city to become – not out of our fears, political pressure and the welding of power that can create the most beautiful picture out of an ailing city, that wants a fresh start. That yearns to cleanse itself from the old ways that continue to prevail despite obsolesence.

A city not run by its leaders but by private political spinners, welding power even when they have no elective mandate. A city reeling in black propaganda of political operators who do not really care what happens to our citizens after elections. A city filled with paid political experts – who have no vision except to earn – mercenaries waiting for the kill.

Yes, every one plays a role. I do not care what your roles are. My role is to run for mayor and be the new leader of this city. I carry with me the dreams for new politics. New governance. Plain and simple. If my motives are otherwise – believe me there are better avenues than being in this arena – where your name is murdered everyday.

Do your very best to stop me based on your own motives. Or not do anything to help me while I am doing it, also based on your own motives. Life is short. History will always judge us in the end.

I know my motive. I know why I am trying to wake up and walk for miles every day. It is for a city named Bacolod.

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