The Monster Named Envy

Reflection Posted on Facebook on July 1, 2018 Sunday Reflection: When I inspire and push young people, my mentees, to achieve as much as their capacity and determination can allow them to achieve – I always fail to mention the sad caveats. Today, I will share based on experience (sad and tear-jerking ones) one warning.Continue reading “The Monster Named Envy”

Generation X

Reflection Posted on Facebook on January 7, 2019 Reflection about Leadership based on generations. When I was younger, I always enjoy listening to people older than me. I would spend more time in conversations, and well, arguments with elders than my contemporaries. But opposite this habit, I always loved working with people younger than me.Continue reading “Generation X”

The Vista of A Leader

Reflection Posted on Facebook on September 28, 2017 Reflection in transit: The Vista of A Leader. A leader’s lenses must be like that of a high-powered camera. One that can clearly see both the micro and macro view of issues and concerns. He must have a very wide vista – vertically to understand the long-termContinue reading “The Vista of A Leader”

Disruptive Leadership

Reflection Posted on Facebook on July 11, 2019 10:25 AM Breakfast Reflection. As more next generation leaders step up to disrupt things, the cavemen of Hobbes inside majority of Filipinos that feared their own shadows as seen against the light from outside of the cave is starting to think. The era of disruptive leadership dawns.Continue reading “Disruptive Leadership”