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OneBacolod Vision: The CHANGE Bacolod Needs

OneBacolod Vision: A Stronger, Smarter and Inclusive City of the Future where every Bacolodnon is a partner towards creating clear, relevant and effective solutions to directly address the challenges of modern times

OneBacolod Mission: To ensure that every Bacolodnon is a partner towards creating clear, relevant and effective solutions to directly address the challenges of modern times in order to reach the Vision

OneBacolod Objectives:

  1. To ensure that the city leads in addressing the challenges of the modern times such as climate change (flooding, drought), urbanization (traffic, waste, pollution), labor mismatch and lack of jobs, rising costs and low supply of utilities, globalization leading to stiff competition and disruption caused by new technologies among other things.
  2. To seriously research, explore, design and harness ICT and new technologies to address growing problems
  3. To encourage, generate and utilize private sector support in developing strategies to address the problems in a more sustainable and holistic way
  4. To develop a vision – driven, citizen – centric and high standards of local governance and public service

OneBacolod Strategies:

J is for job generation and investment promotions. The end goal of a series of objectives that need to be accomplished first, such as, but not limited to:

  • Talent Development Roadmap for Bacolod which entails a comprehensive summary and analysis of our available skills in the city across all industries (not just ICT) focused on skilling, upskilling and re-skilling the talent supply, a clear and time-bound set of strategies to develop digital skills across all sectors to prepare the talent pool for the Future of Work, a continuous series of T3s (train the trainers/train the teachers) programs to ensure quality and scale of educational and training programs.
  • Business Environment, Infrastructure, Cost and Ease of Doing Business which are all indicators for the attractiveness of location to the influx of digital jobs or ICT-enabled employment opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures or startups. A mandatory compliance to the provisions of the new Ease of Doing Business law is going to be the first order of the day. There is a need to actively involve the business and private sector in addressing all current bottlenecks like energy supply, peace and order, traffic management, solid waste management and other environmental issues. A strong collaboration between the city and the business sector will serve as a mechanism to identify more relevant strategies along the way and allow for future and long-term planning.
  • Business and Investment Promotions and the need to institutionalize programs to constantly develop investment campaigns for Bacolod across identified potential industries is also in the forefront of my plans.

O is for Open Governance. A policy direction that is very close to my heart, as a systems thinker, I see the importance of bringing government closer to the people – as way of not only securing valuable feedback but a way to constantly gather ideas and solutions.

Under the concept of an OPEN Bacolod – I have four basic items that spells OPEN.

O for online, real-time easy access of every citizen to facts, data and figures pertaining to the operations, finances and administration of the city. These will entail for all data to be digitized and made available to the public. The use of online procurement system, business permit registration and registration and licensing for other departments and other transactions shall pass from experimental to full operation stage in the soonest possible time.

P is performance scorecards and ratings. In order to ensure and maintain the quality of government services, feedback mechanisms that comes with ratings for each department of the city shall be in place. Top performing agencies shall be duly commended while those with concerns will have to be revisited and improved for efficiency. We shall bring back the trust and confidence of the public for all department of the city and strive to uplift the moral of public employees through incentive program and continuous trainings.

E is for emergency and other support services.  The website of Bacolod shall not be static but interactive and hotlines for citizen’s concerns shall be in place. The website shall be fully accessible especially through mobile. The city shall ensure availability of Internet/wi-fi hotspots in major public areas for use during emergency. Closed circuit TV systems, and GPS and other technologies shall be used to ensure 24/7 safety in the city. A well-established central command shall be in place with the mayor having 24/7 direct access and full view of all cameras in major public places. Sensors and other technologies shall also be put in place to detect flood water rise and other calamities.

N is for new ideas and solutions. Open governance extends to policy innovation – creating a way to effectively crowd source new ideas and solutions from concerned groups. The city will support the development of startups engaged in developing and deploying technologies which may prove useful for Bacolod to become a smart city – with focus on major points such as transportation, healthcare, business, public services, education, and tourism.

B is for Barangay Development and Empowerment. Under my leadership, I shall empower the barangays to really create significant impact on their constituency through effective power sharing and sharing of resources. The barangays shall be in the frontline of effectively addressing and managing solid waste, all forms of pollution, transportation matters and peace and order within their area of jurisdiction with the full support of the city in terms of resources and technical guidance. Continuous training and development of barangay officials including Sanggunian Kabataan officials shall be a priority of the city. Productive dialogue and consultations between the mayor’s office and the barangays shall take place regularly to ensure collaboration. 

S is for Sectoral Participation and Consensus Building. Most important ingredient of my leadership is consensus building – a brand of governance that is participatory and consultative. To address concerns and issues in a relevant and responsive way by engaging and empowering the concerned sectors to develop solutions for themselves. The city shall empower each major sector to have access to information and opportunities to raise their concerns to the city – these include informal sector workers such as farmers, fisherfolks, drivers, construction workers, vendors, professionals, teachers, senior citizens, women and children’s groups, PWDs, LGBTs, minorities and many more.

By creating a participatory and consultative environment, I will ensure that under my leadership – respect for the independence of the Sangguniang Panlungsod is observed. As a former councilor for nine years, I have only my deepest respect for the Sanggunian as an institution and a co-equal body to the executive. Regardless of political affiliations, my leadership will work closely and harmoniously with all elected councilors especially on their concerns as committee chairs. I will objectively collaborate with the Sanggunian in achieving proper implementation of all existing ordinances that are aligned with the urgent needs of the people and direction of my leadership.

Pagbag-o: The Journey to OneBacolod

Speech at the Opening Salvo of OneBacolod last April 1, 2019

By Atty. Jocelle Batapa Sigue, Mayoralty Candidate of Bacolod City

It is not a question of what Bacolod is today but what Bacolod could become in the future. For what Bacolod is today is not the work of one but of each one of us.   The future we all dream is not going to be the work of one,  but a concerted effort of ALL of us.

We cannot allow our City to be left behind.  It is now apparent that project and program results are demanded from various local government units, more especially from those highly urbanized,  when they implement specific and measurable activities and outputs using public funds.  But in our city, our leaders simply use public funds to hire thousands of temporary workers, as election time nears,  to serve as armies to ensure their stay in power.

In Good Governance, an elective public servant remains in a post through re-election when his performance is anchored on concrete indicators, such as:

Social services are delivered down to the last Barangay.

Roads, streetlights, drainage and basic insfractructure are properly maintained

Eased  the process of doing business with the City,  eliminating long queues and streamlined the process

Strengthened Sector Planning in the undertaking of public investments and projects, as well as,  the identification and prioritization of projects to be funded

Adoption of strategic goals and timelines for  job generation, solid waste management, peace and order, traffic management, tourism development and many more.

Every Bacolodnon should measure the performance of the incumbent on the basis of these indicators and more. Each Bacolodnon should get a sense of how the incumbent has performed based on these measures.  It is for the voting public to give the incumbent a score based on his performance along these parameters during the years of his incumbency.

It not for the incumbent to assess himself nor for the hordes of temporary workers paid by public funds to become campaigners.  Some of whom are now even crying silently because they are pushed into oppression to vote for all the candidates of my opponent even when they wanted to exercise their choice.

Sadly, many lament about  how traditional politics  crippled our city for a long time and to this day.  Politics anchored on slogans, patronage, hypes, personality,  may not be entirely bad.  However, we deprive ourselves of real and genuine leadership.  A leadership anchored on a vision.

When I joined politics for the first time in 2001, the question I asked were:   Am I competent? Am I capable of becoming a councilor? Can I deliver and fulfill my promises to author milestone legislations for women, for children, to create jobs, to impact the lives of people?

I spent my years in the City Council writing, crafting ordinances under my assigned committees:   Women and Gender as well as Information and Communications Technology.   Sadly, I have never chaired any other significant committee until my last year when I was allowed to handle the tourism and trade committees.

But I  never gave up  my dream of making a difference.   I created a difference anchored on programs for  women and gender and ICT. I established working relationships and networked  with many organizations.  Over the last decade and through these networks,   I represented Bacolod in national and international fora – lifting the banner of Bacolod to the world as an Eisenhower fellow of the Philippines,  in the Asian Society as a Ten Outstanding Young Leader,  as a  Philippine ICT Individual Contributor of the year,  as one of The Outstanding Women in Nation Service (TOWNS) and many other organizations and accolades received.

I was a neophyte in 2001, doubting my capacity and value in an elective post for the first time. But after  18 years,  I dare say,   I am ready.   I am competent. I am capable to be MAYOR of BACOLOD.

My time has come and tonight is NO longer about me. It is NOW  ABOUT what this City can become:

Let us talk about concrete goals. These are my targets:

  • 100,000 jobs across all existing and new industries
  • Ubra para sa Pamilya with opportunities opened to poor families
  • 100 to 250 bed capacity  City Hospital  with 24/7 Doctors in barangay Health Clinic
  • 100,000 Training Vouchers and setting up three TESDA training centers in Bacolod City
  • Light industrial economic zones at the relocation site and old airport area.
  • Up to 30% Housing settlement for the City Informal Settlers
  • Engineered sanitary landfill with full suite of recycling program
  • Rehabilitate the City Drainage System
  • Smart City Integrated Business Applications
  • Improved Traffic System
  • Open and Transparent and enhanced integrity and  dignity in public service
  • Enhanced Solid Waste Management and Production of Recycled Products from Waste
  • Improvement of Bacolod City Markets
  • Improved Business Displays and Spaces for Vendors and Micro-finance program
  • Implement a Health Benefit System for Marginal Income Earners such as  Drivers/ Fishefolks
  • Set up Barangays partners in all barangays and designate Peace and Order Generals
  • Sectoral and Workers identified through a Database for PWD/ Senior Citizen/ Retired policemen
  • Improvement in delivery of benefits to senior citizens, teachers and many more

So starting today, I will be your voice. This I intend to do if you allow me to serve you for three years as your Mayor. Bacolod City,  I am here for you.

Note: There are several variations from these written speech compared to the actual delivery in the interest of time. Please visit Jocelle Batapa Sigue For Mayor of Bacolod Movement of Facebook for the live footage