The Voices from The Hill

If no one is listening, then we should raise our voices higher.

If no one seems to care, then we should care a little further.

If no one is standing, then we should stand for others.

We are born proud of our breed. We are not called people on the hill for nothing. We know who we are and what we are capable of.

And although many of us have slept on our rights for several decades, we are now awake.

Our young people are awake. Their fathers and mothers are awake. Our working brothers and sisters are awake.

They are tired of believeing in colorful promises that leave us empty-handed. Tired of listening to a litany of achievements that does not resonate with reality. Tired of momentary festivities that does not secure a sustainable future for our families. Tired of the same old lines and the same old ideas that are repeatedly use to insult our judgment.

The city on the hill yearns for a leadership achored on vision where every one can be part of. A change they can believe in. A change they can work for.

The voices of change are growing louder in the city on the hill. The enemies will do everything in thier power to quell these voices. But we will persevere. We will endure for our mission.

We have no billions nor material resources. So we rely on the power of our voices. We rely on our individual commitment to restore our city and on those who cannot be bought by money or swayed by fear or favor.

We have no well-oiled cavalry. So we rely on the army of decent people from different ages and all walks of life who will fight for their dreams and will face the challenges to turn their dreams to reality.

We have no powerful strings to pull. We rely on enlightened people who have the power to change things to join us in our mission.

We have no control of the process. We rely strongly on our faith that there is now a chance for a new beginning for the city.

We are a people of the city on a hill – we are strong just like hill we stand on. We will not crumble in the face of challenges because we are on a mission.

The city on a hill and its people belong to no one except to its citizens.

It is time to step forward.

Jocelle Batapa-Sigue (January 1, 2019)

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  1. Wow.


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